Our Approach

Wealthcheck Funds Management is an Investment and Property Manager that sources opportunities to invest in the Australian Agricultural Property Sector. We have a ‘hands-on’ approach and a proven background in actively managing farms from the ground level up. This approach, combined with our structured finance and business expertise, drives performance and gives our clients the option of actively or passively managed investments.

With experience and a proven track record in livestock, rain fed cropping, irrigated cropping and horticulture across Australia, Wealthcheck is well qualified to deliver bespoke solutions to suit investors’ requirements.

Wealthcheck exercises best management practices across all of our investments, with particular value placed upon environmental sustainability, efficiency, safety, our people and relationships.

Environmental initiatives include a real focus on carbon – we actively measure and minimise our carbon footprint across each of our operations, we utilise minimum tillage and controlled traffic farming where possible and we adhere to strict sustainable farming practices. We have also adopted solar electricity generation to further minimise our environmental footprint whilst also lowering our ongoing operational costs.

Technology driving Efficiency – technology is the cornerstone of our business, allowing scale whilst maintaining the highest levels of governance and control. Our use of technology includes precision agriculture using satellite imagery and GPS guided operations, which lowers labour costs, as well as chemical and fertiliser use. We use software to assist with real-time management, traceability and automated reporting and when this is applied to irrigation, it significantly minimises our water use and drives yields across a range of crops.

Safety – We foster a safety-oriented culture achieved through ongoing training and investment in infrastructure.

Social – We understand that actively managing farms can’t be done without the hard-working people on the ground and our business partners. We work hard to maintain a positive working environment for our staff and encourage engagement of the managers in strategic business decisions, registered training programs, tertiary education scholarships and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, contractors and community.

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